28 July 2008

Two 'Energizer Bunnies' ...

... and a few pictorial reasons why I have been out of touch, not blogging and ignoring emails.

Kiefer doesn't like shirts and shoes but is a puzzle wizard!
This is one of his non-"It's not fair!" moods.

Gage in an angelic non- "Everybody hates me!" moment.
He loves the hot tub and is quite the water dog!

The bar and silverware chest looking out of place in a messy hallway.

Bare stairs ready for laminates.

No, we are not having a garage sale
but we will sell if the price is right. :)

Democrats & Republicans. LOL!

Old Faithful decided it needs some attention too
and produced a leak in the fuel tank. Sigh.


Daphne Ling said...

Hi Aunty Rita,

"...and a few pictorial reasons why I have been out of touch, not blogging and ignoring emails."

Yeah, my email =(

Your house looks like the energiser bunnies manage to wreck a tornado...

And where is Lola amidst all this?

Anonymous said...

rita -- You drinking nowadays? I still have the photos at that Kenny Hills party!!

Yum Seng!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Oh my Rita, u definitely have your hands full this summer! = ) How does it feel to mother 2 energise boys? Good luck with the rest of their stay Rita. Looking forward to pictures of the 'after' effect of the renovations. Hugs for now.

Ms eNVy said...

Wow! .. Rita you sure got your hands full! .. Thank God the hurricane missed my part of the world hehehe .. Anyways hope everything will get back to normal for you .. *hugs* .. have a great week dear .. at least try to have a great week ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita,

wow I can imagine how messy it can get plus taking care of 2 kids it can never be easy...How long will it take to complete the house renovation?

Oh ya, where is Lola, how is she doing?


Yatie_T said...

wow..... that is a lot of work. I hope everything will get back to normal soon. Stay cool and have a great weekend.

HI said...

Oy!! Home improvement is a pain but the reward is fulfilling when everything is done.

Rita Ho said...

A million apologies, Daph! I sent two replies to make up for the delay. LOL!

Yes, the home improvement mess resembled tornado damage or a war zone. I have to say the bunnies were quite helpful in clearing debris for their dad when they were in the mood. :)

Lola was my shadow throughout the period. Poor girl probably felt the stress more than us as she likes to be alone with her people. She didn't eat well but returned to normal when everyone left on Tuesday.

Rita Ho said...

SL ... LOL! Nope, I am still abstaining for medical reasons. Serious.

Do you plan to auction those photos? If you do, don't forget my share of royalties. Haha!

Rita Ho said...

Mush ... Having no experience and knowing the right method, I think I did not mother the boys sufficiently or the right way. It didn't help that the environment itself was not conducive for anyone to have fun or relaxation.

I didn't take many before pictures but will share some after ones when my cleaning is done. I really like the floor.

Warm hugs back. It is a sunny day here. :)

Rita Ho said...

Hey Norma ... Also, thank God that you weren't in CA when that little earthquake scare occurred. :)

Have a lovely week in the sunny weather!

Rita Ho said...

Hi Kath ... The main parts of the renovation projects are over, just a couple of finishing touches left. We have already started cleaning up the dust and putting stuff back.

Lola is right here, doing well and was all that time. She had some stress as well being out of the normal "just the 2 of us" day and "oh, there is 3 of us' nights. :)

Rita Ho said...

Hey Yatie ... Work dah habis and normality is slowly coming back. :)

You stay cool too and have a great week ahead.

Rita Ho said...

Hooi Imm ... You took the words right out of me. I have begun to feel the joy after the pain. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The boys sure are good looking and so angelic looking...ha ha..didn't notice there was a porch the last time we were there????


Rita Ho said...

Li ... It is amazing how effective brownies, ice-cream, gum and popcorn can be at changing kids' mood and behavior!

Where got time to notice a porch when there are so many shops open, right? Kenny will remember since the chairs that he had to wash in the cold were stored on the porch. HAHA!