10 August 2008

Roof Up ... Floor Down ... Pills Gone!

LOL! David doesn't deserve credit for the cute endearment. Nor do I. It belongs to someone who loves the boys dearly and knows them very well. :)

I hope they settled back into their home and normal routine without much difficulty. It can be tough on kids especially when their vacation home was a construction site managed by a baby-sitter with zero motherhood days and limited baby-sitting experience.

The roof ...

looks great and we love the floors, especially this dark one ...

which covers the living, dining and office space. It transitions well with the beech wood we had earlier laid down for the kitchen and matches the antique theme we chose for the bedrooms. Poor Lola has been slipping, sliding and skating everywhere as we wait for her paw-wax to arrive. She spent more time on her daybed in the past fortnight than she ever did in her entire life. Smart dog!

The house still looks like a bomb had gone off in it as cleaning-up has become a massive project of its own. We underestimated the amount of dust that will be stirred up by the pulling of our old carpet and allowed the painter's plastic to remain in its unopened box in the garage. Now, all surfaces need contact with a dust-cloth, every single item must endure a soapy-rinse and I am wiping individual leaves of the house-plants during commercials on Olympics highlights. You'd think I know better with my event planning background, huh?

I am having some fun though, taking the opportunity to clear clutter for a minimalistic look. Not an easy job as those of you who live with hoarders will agree. I am the daughter of one and married a pro! David is so good at it that his mental inventory puts him on alert to look for an item the day after I put it in the trash bin without his knowledge. That alarm has beaten the garbage truck on more occasions than I care for!

The positive side to his obsession is being a magnet to true treasures. They somehow find their way to him. Two such treasures are a Malaysian keris and a Turkish knife.

We don't know the history of the keris or whether it was actually made in Malaysia. It was a souvenir from two of David's closest buddies who holidayed in Malaysia in the early 90s and got engaged in the exotic setting of tropical forests of Sabah. It looks really old, is well-carved from metal that surprisingly has no trace of rust and its case was carefully crafted to hold it snugly. David who collects weaponry likes this piece quite a bit.

The knife from Turkey is a true gem, being one of the 2,300 specially commissioned knives that were presented by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (founder of the Republic of Turkey as well as its first president) to his officers following their defeat of the Ottoman empire. David found it in the historical town of Kas which was founded in the 4th century BC. I have to admit it is an awesome knife to hold.

Turkish floral designs on one side of the knife ...

... Arabic inscription on the other.

These two won't be on their way to the trash bin. :)


Salt N Turmeric said...

the roof and floor look very nice Rita. berbaloi jugaklah duduk dlm tongkang pecah while going thru the renovation ya? hehe.

and ur right. if u didn do the renovation, you wouldn have known abt the keris and knife. they look really old and i like the intricate design on the knife. gotta worth a lot should you decide to auction it off whc i doubt! ;) if only the origin of the keris is known, tht would be really nice too.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Rita, your newly renovated floors and roof looks great! Congrats = )
I am such a compulsive person when it comes to neat & keeping things orderly that it has rub off on B too heheheh But i do keep family heirloom, the rest i give away to the 2nd hand stores. Besides, i do not hv storage space in our little apartment. Hope if u ever decide to sell those knives, it willfetch a very handsome price ; )

Beachlover said...

congratulation on your new roof and floor!!.now it's time for you guys to relax abit with both kids back to their regular routine..nice kris and knife...get an estimation...just see how much you can fetch in ebay!!

Rita Ho said...

Hi Farina ... I was also more interested in the history of the keris. It is old but whoever made it put a lot of effort into its handle - lots of curvatures in a tiny piece of wood.

I don't know the value of both items. Let me see what else I find, then sekali gus pergi auction for an estimate. LOL!

Rita Ho said...

Thank you, Mush. We are enjoying the newbies. :)

It's great that your neatness rubbed off on B. The opposite seems to be happening at my end!

We will probably sell the knives when the retirement fund runs out but hopefully that is a long ways away!

Rita Ho said...

Thank you, Lesley. I think I am relaxing way too much. Haha!

Yes, like I mentioned to Farina, I am going to lookout for more stuff to take to an antique roadshow for a quote. :)

Zawi said...

From the look of it, the keris is a Kelantan Keris. I will show the picture of it to an antique dealer friend who will confirm. As to the valuation of it they can only do it after seeing the keris temselves.
The Turkish knife is a jewel. Don't ever part with it unless you are starving to death due to poverty. I think the knife is worth more than the keris.

Puteri said...

Great entry, and love the pictures you took of the two knives, err, keris and knife! :-)

Rita Ho said...

Hi Zawi ... It would be nice to know where the keris came from. Thank you for the initiative. I always think of Hang Tuah when it comes to keris, so Malacca comes to my mind. Pathetic, kan? LOL!

Rita Ho said...

Puteri ... Welcome back! It is always fun to "follow" Malaysian bloggers home and yours is no different. I hope you got to makan all that you wanted to. :)