24 October 2008

The wayward blogger returns

Pak Idrus, one of my favorite persons, gave me a nudge last weekend. He said, "It is fall out there and I think it is the time to be 'ceria'. It is not the time to hibernate as yet." Sound advice from a wise and always energetic man!

I wasn't in seclusion as much as having distractions aplenty during the past two months or so. Stuff of sorts were happening to and around us, one after another, eating up time on the clock and blowing me off my daily routine. Blogging gave way to spending real time with family, friends and helpful strangers who became friends.

It was also 'breakdown' period for our home appliances and equipment. Urghhh! The TV, fridge, food saver, furnace, DVR, work PC and laptop took turns to cause me grief. Even the truck, properly parked in a lot, managed to get a mirror smashed by a commuter bus! I spent many days on the phone discussing insurance, warranty and spare parts.

Then there's the US presidential race. It started as a past-timer when I was on hold for customer service folks taking care of our repair work. My sister and a few global friends were somewhat obsessed with updates and kept calling to hear my "up close" version. Their addiction rubbed on me and I am now an official political junkie.
It took me a while to understand the lengthy election, electoral, political and governance process, and how the US brand of constitutional democracy works in comparison with Malaysia's version. I enjoy soaking up the views and arguments of the analysts and strategists who obviously are spinning for the candidates they support, as well as the banter among the electorate, so many of whom are genuinely undecided and can be swayed. The open, public and intense scrutiny of the character of both candidates, and the way they manage their campaign by the free press is both intriguing and absurd to me. At times, I had to wonder if the Malaysian governmental control over the media is such a bad thing after all.

November 4th will be a historical day in the US whoever wins the election. As a PR, I have no say in it but I am pleased to have been here when it happened.

No relevant pictures to share except some shots of the 'ceria' (feel good) colors in our front yard, taken this afternoon, especially for Pak Idrus ...

For more beautifully-photographed and amazing fall images of our beautiful town, visit Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry. Jennifer who is also the author of The I'mPerfect Mom, is a good friend and neighbor whose cousin was my former neighbor back when I was living in Malaysia. The three of us and our families are getting together for a New Year's lunch. I can't wait!


Pak Idrus said...

Rita, great you are back. Well those electric appliances do have 'old age' or life spans problem like our species and when the time come it has to be replaced unlike our species we just cannot replace.

Fall is one of the seasons that I love about the temperate area. They say when god created heaven a part of it fall down to earth and it became the beauty of fall i.e. I have see fall in the New England states where the fall there is so very colorful, all the shades of red, amber and yellow are there in one go. I did enjoy the fall. I guessed it is sort of a bonus before winter.

As for politic, it is like that for politic is the art of the possible. Just do not get too emotional about it. Life is like that.

Thanks for the images and the link. Have a nice day.

Rita Ho said...

Very good point about replacement, Pak Idrus. :)

This year's fall seem short. Maybe because I have not been out as much as previous years. Pasal kaki!

Enjoy your weekend!

Salt N Turmeric said...

Its about time Rita! hehe.

p.s. my fren tu jadi pindah seattle. as of now, their leaving date in on dec 20th.

Rita Ho said...

Hey Farina ... Congrats to your friends! They will arrive just in time to get over jet-lag and join the day-after-Christmas mega sale. :) Do you know which city they have decided to live in? Do let them know that they can contact me anytime if I can be of help.

Happy Sunday!