08 November 2008

David's Thoughts on Obama

Now that the US presidential race is over and history has a new chapter, I should get back to putting words on my blog.

But first, to family, friends and fellow Obama supporters (there were so many of you!) who were curious as to why David who does not believe in God, religion and other right-wing policies and practices would vote Republican, here is a glimpse of his Thoughts on Obama.

Anyone with political plans for 2012? By then, I may be able to vote. :)

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Zue Murphy said...

Rita, I have left a comment in David's blog. I have no confidence with Obama. He is lacking in many ways and his higher taxes is something I strongly disagree. I hope in 4 years when you can vote please vote for the best candidate who doesn't raise taxes. Penat la kerja cari makan then nak kena bayar almost half to government.sakit hati.anyway, thanks for the issue bravely brought up in here.

Beachlover said...

Rita!! I'm with you!! Vote Obama!!I read David thought and I understand how he feel.B4 the Primary ,Eliot share some of David thought not the tax part!lol! But again when he heard Mc Cain said he plan another 100 years for Iraq war,he was so piss off.He said if we vote for Mc Cain we sure going for another war with IRAN! Mc Cain is a warmonger! We suffered enough with 2 wars going on now and Mc Cain have no plan to improve our economy.Two days b4 election Eliot have doubt,he afraid Obama is a Socialist as FOX news and Palin keep harping and promote.U see he in dilemma,he want to vote Obama for change but again afraid of what Mc Cain going to do with this country and his VP choice.
As for me I was impressed with his first speech as "there's not a liberal America and a conservative America--there's the United States of America. There's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there's the United States of America"
I like the way his plan laid out: with substances and his Change message.Hope he will fullfill his promise when he take office.Now back to watch CNN!!lol!

Beachlover said...

Hope we can VOTE in 2012:P !

Rita Ho said...

Hey Zue ... Thank you for sharing your political views. It's great that we can agree to disagree. :)

Yes, if I do vote in 4 years, I will certainly elect the best candidate not just on his/her tax policies but an overall package. Personally, I think neither Obama nor McCain has proven that they can do the job better than the other. As I couldn't vote, I did not dwell on all of Obama's policies and views. I like him for the brilliant campaign he ran, his choice & management of staff, the manner & ways in which he handled varying situations, his disposition & power of communication and his family. All that showed leadership qualities which McCain lacks. To me, a good leader can make great policies but a great policy maker may not necessarily lead well.

Let's hope the Americans made the right choice. :)

Rita Ho said...

Hi Lesley ... So, Elliot was one of those undecided voters both candidates were frantically pandering to in the final days? LOL! I trust he cast his vote well and did not let the partisan pundits influence it. :)

I haven't decided on naturalization yet, waiting to see what happens in Malaysia.

Nightwing said...

How are you?

Will see whether the new President can do what he promised to do.

Mccain was in the wrong party.

He should have run as an independent..and should have a better policy with regards to the Iraq war.

Obama won because people were fed up with Bush and the republicans.

Rita Ho said...

Hi Nightwing ... I am very well. Thank you!

This wasn't a Republican year but McCain could have won had he run a smoother campaign, stuck to his winning message of experience, alienate himself from Bush at the start and avoided going in different directions especially the negative. In the end, there were too many mistakes in strategy, judgment, staff recruitment & management and PR.

Yes, we have to wait and see if Obama live up to his promises.

louis said...

Hi Rita,

Watching a small tv in my cabin somewhere out on the dark Pacific as the vote count on CNN pointed to Obama's well-deserved landslide victory was by far the most enjoyable event of my cruise.

Obama won because most voters recognized that he was by far the superior candidate in so many ways.

They were able to see past the old slogans that have become hollower and hollower such as those relating to taxes, firepower and $150,000 makeovers.

Beachlover said...

btw,I got a tag for you,hop over to mu home :D

Zawi said...

Went over to David's place and left a piece of my mind. Dunno if I put myself across well enough but hope you can explain to David that most of us fear that MacCain will just carry on Bush policy especially on the war with Iraq.
Glad to hear that you are well.

Rita Ho said...

Hi Louis ... Welcome home! and I apologize for my tardiness.

Let's hope Obama is able to deliver on some if not all his promises.

We must get together sometime soon to play Wii. :)

Rita Ho said...

Thanks for the tag, Lesley. I've taken a peep but haven't done it yet. So good of you to find the time. I don't know where my minutes go everyday!

I've saved the tag to a draft post. :)

Rita Ho said...

Thank you, Zawi. I am not sure if David has read your comment because he usually replies immediately. I'll check with him tomorrow.

Your thoughts are quite clear and not dissimilar to many others. Not to worry, though. David may have strong opinions but he always respect individual views. He enjoys debating them as he often gets to see things from another angle and learn some.

I am still slagging on the blog-hopping. There seems to be so much to do these days!

Take care, Zawi.