03 December 2008

Gave Heartfelt Thanks, Gained Heartbreaking Pounds

Spring Onion in Ham Rolls
Grilled Oysters in Butter-Garlic Sauce
Tortilla Chips & Cheese Balls
Spinach & Cream Cheese Dip in Bread Buns
Crackers in Smoked Salmon & Steel Head Dip
Veggie (carrot, celery, brocolli) Sticks

Deep-fried Turkey

BBQ Turkey
(yummy with home-made cranberry sauce!)

Honey & Orange Glazed Ham
Buns & Mashed Potatoes
Baked String Beans
Home-made Stuffing
Candied Yam

Apple Pie

Cherry Apricot Pie with Almond Streusel Topping
(my favorite!)

Pumpkin Pie

Apple Cobbler with Cheddar Cheese Biscuit

That was the YUMMYLICIOUS menu Jay & Karen (David's oldest brother & sister-in-law) served at their Thanksgiving dinner at Gold Hill, Oregon. Every dish except the buns was cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients on the day itself. The 10-hour cooking marathon which started on the eve was not unlike Iron Chef America at a leisurely pace. It seemed like everyone had a hand in churning up each delicacy even if it was just in cutting, slicing or stirring but no one proved that "too many cooks spoil the broth". It was all great fun!

Izzy - the youngest and most adorable chef ...

I mostly cleared counter space and washed utensils, did both so diligently that Karen's carton of tea bags is now in oblivion. LOL! Also, managed to cut a finger while washing a knife (darn careless, I know!) and at a subsequent point was frantically searching for the plaster that had fallen off. I thought it went into the short crust pastry I'd rubbed but thankfully Megan found it on the stove top. Phew!

Jay led the guys in cooking the meat which included sending the propane tank for a quick shower! This happened when they started to deep-fry one of the turkeys ...

The propane flame lowered to near invisibility when turkey met boiling oil. 15 minds gathered around to solve the problem, 3 took turns fidgeting with the gas hose and valve, and all decided we had run out of gas. David's attention in chemistry class and keen interest in all things knowledgeable paid off when it was his turn to inspect the icy propane tank. He deduced that the lack of flame was caused by butane contamination since it does not flow at freezing temperatures and suggested that warming the tank in the bathtub would fix the problem. It did! 40 minutes later, one smelling-oh-so-good and mouth-watering turkey was lifted from the fryer. Someone who was video-taping the excitement ended his narration with, "and that's the way we fry a turkey in the country - 15 guys having fun with one hot bird!" Hilarious and true!

Kids dining Japanese-style

A good time was had by all and I suspect that quite a few had to work off some extra pounds after the fact. I am still at it!!

More pictures and videos here.


Salt N Turmeric said...

How many men does it take to fry a turkey? 15! lol. Sorry Rita, cant help it. ;)

Anyway, tht fried turkey looks pretty good. Did you bring any lingham sauce with you?

Rita Ho said...

Cheeky-nya, Farina! I too was thinking pejabat kerajaan while watching. LOL!

I didn't have any Lingham sauce to bring with us, still haven't made it to the store. Next week. :)

lantana said...

Hi Rita,
nice blog....laughing over the turkey!

Pi Bani said...

Want to lose more pounds? Go holidaying in London. You will lose lots of pounds (sterling lah).

Rita Ho said...

Thank you for dropping by, lantana. I am glad you enjoyed the turkey episode.

Where in the US are you at now? I look forward to reading your musings and travel stories. :)

Rita Ho said...

Hey Pi ... You always crack me up! Your suggestion may well work. We probably won't be able to afford many meals in London. No cash = zero meals = starving = weight loss. Hmmmm ..... LOL!

ICook4Fun said...

I love the fried turkey especially the golden brown and crispy skin but I don't think I will dare to attempt frying one. By the way, which one taste better? Don't worry about your weight Rita. After all Thanksgiving only come once a year :)

Nightwing said...

Great stuff..thanks for sharing the adventure..:)

Hope ur finger is ok.

Rita Ho said...

I can't decide which tasted better, Gert. Both had different but equally good marinades. I think the longer process of BBQ-ing keeps the juices in the meat more than deep-frying.

BTW, I did receive your email and will get the boxes this Friday. :)

Rita Ho said...

Thank you, Nightwing. Finger is healed. David used workshop glue to close the cut!!

Beachlover said...

oh Rita!!when I look at the fry turkey process at David's family, I remember the TV show mytbuster, experiement fry turkey..They said it's really dangerous to fry turkey if you don't have experience.But I bet David's family did it b4.It's really look great,love the crispy skin color and texture!.when I look at the fresh oyster make me drooling man!! Glad you have fun washing dishes! LOL! don't worried about weight.If you look at my body and shape, it's will make you feel better.I try to assure you but it's true ! *wink wink*

Rita Ho said...

Hah! Another oyster lover in Lesley. I am not a big fan. We got those from our regular supplier in Everett and kept them on ice for 3 days and they still tasted yum!

I think it was the first time David and his family fried a turkey. He follows Mythbusters and probably picked ups some tips. LOL!

You have the same attitude as David towards weight. He considers himself "horizontally enhanced"!

Cat Cat said...

That's a big feast... I always wanted to fry our turkey but just couldn't find the fryer.

Those pies looks delicious.

HI said...

Wow....what a sumptuous meal! The oyster in garlic sauce sounds yummy.

Ms eNVy said...

Dessert Galore! .. I go weak and diet go out of the window when it comes to apple pie & pumpkin pie! ..right now am salivating and I'm writing .. dang! .. everything looks good Rita .. and had a good laugh regarding 15 guys & one hot bird! .. okay .. I'm still salivating here .. so have a great weekend dear .. am going to raid the fridge for something to eat! .. ;)

Rita Ho said...

It was, Cath. There were 24 of us feeding away, yet tons of left overs. My favorite pie was the cherry apricot. I am going to try to make one this weekend.

Rita Ho said...

Hooi Imm ... Yet another oyster lover, eh? NYC should have plentiful, being somewhat near to Maine?

Rita Ho said...

Everything was good, Norma. Only Jay and I enjoyed the cherry apricot pie so you can imagine how many helpings we each had. Tapau home some more! LOL

I've expanded so much my smile is different now. :( Started serious dieting already, so see how it goes. Sigh.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Goodness gracious me Rita, thats one lucky bird, got an audience of 15 men! ; ) Looks like a wild and fun bunch, i bet it was truly cosy and u feel truly thankful for having a humongous family = ) Well, hugs for a great week ahead! Thanks for sharing those mouth watering pîctures Rita....

Dawn said...

Wow, Rita, those are scrumptous looking bird. I have tried a deep-fied turkey. My MIL told me it taste better than the oven baked. Is it?

Hey don't worry about eating too much. Like Gert said, Thanksgiving only comes once a year. Makan lah! No worries.

Zue Murphy said...

At first I thought you did all the cooking... You really have a great feast on thanksgiving.

Fruity said...

That turkey looks great. I'm waiting for my Christmas turkey!

Rita Ho said...

Yes, Mush, it was a cosy and warm Thanksgiving for us. Only half were family though. The rest are Jay's and his kids' friends who did not have plans this year. Nice folks.

Happy Hols!

Rita Ho said...

Hi Dawn ... I think taste is very personally. More at the party including me prefer the oven-roasted turkey. It had more moisture and retained a lot of its marinade. It also looked more appetizing. Haha!

Rita Ho said...

LOL! Zue, if I had been cooking, we would all have had to adjourn to some fast food place!!

I am going to do some on New Year's though. We are having some friends over for lunch. :)

Are you back from the UK?

Rita Ho said...

Hey Fruity! Where is Christmas this year? If you are in the Seattle area around Christmas or New Year, you are most welcome to sample our turkey. :)

Just don't forget to bring some fruit. LOL!