13 February 2009

BOH Ada (Got) Ummph!

It has been a long while since I heard or saw this popular Malaysian tag line but it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the beautiful packets of BOH tea in this Christmas package from Malaysia. (Yes, Christmas! My bad-lah for not sharing this until now. Blush-blush.)

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They were from Pak Idrus & Kak Asmah who were so sweet to take note that David & I prefer tea over coffee which is more popular here. Boh is not easily available in the US, so it was double happiness for me!

I have enjoyed Boh tea all my life and didn't sample its competition, Lipton, until I had no choice. Memories of a school excursion to the Boh plantation on Cameron Highlands and being awed by terraced slope after slope of tea trees remain fresh to this day.

It is great that the Boh folks have moved forward with trends and added spices to their tea without losing its original aromatic flavor.

Lemon with Mandarin flavored tea

Earl Grey with Tangerine flavored tea

Malaysian ladies of my time will remember heartthrob Dave in those 'Ummphic' TV commercials. He and I were in the same business circles for a couple of years. Poor guy tried really hard but failed to shake off the image. Every where he went, it was "Hi Encik Boh!", "Aren't you the Boh guy?" or "Today, got Ummph ah?". Fun times for us viewers!

A million thanks to Pak Idrus and Kak Asmah for sending over a perfect taste from home to keep us warm on these cold wintry days, and walk me down memory lane for a bit.


Pak Idrus said...

Rita, we are indeed glad that you both love tea. Have a nice day and take care.

Jay Gonsalves said...

Rita, I sure like your homey style of blogging. Your blog conversation is almost identical to your in person! I saw the mention of Mango gummies and thought I'd pass along that Karen bought some dried Costco mango yesterday and mentioned, that she's love to get some of those dried mangoes you raved about over Thanksgiving. Are the gummmies the same ones?

Anonymous said...

I love drinking tea too.

The word 'Boh', I was told is Orang Asli word for 'Bagus' or 'Good'. So Boh Tea is Good tea or Tea Bagus.

Have a nice cup of warm tea.

- Kath

Pi Bani said...

The Boh advert I remember more was the one which went something like, "bukan bip, bukan bop, bukan flip, bukan flop, bukan, bukan, bukan!"

louis said...

Hi Rita,

Doesn't that touch of tangerine lift Earl Grey to another level? It's a brilliant pairing.

I thought of saying that I would keep some of my Boh tea for you and David when you visit, but my self-denial may not hold out.

If there's one thing I bring back from my visits to Malaysia, it's Boh tea.

Asmah and Idrus' gift was a delight.

Rita Ho said...

I drink a cup of coffee once in a while, Pak Idrus but David won't have any as it makes him vibrate and feel sick. He also doesn't care for the taste.

BTW, I loved the mango gummies too, finished them in a day!

Ribuan terima kasih again!

Rita Ho said...

Thank you, Jay.

The mango gummies are mango flavored rubbery-textured candy, like gummy bears. The dried mangoes I mentioned to Karen are similar to the Costco variety but come in thicker slices with more moisture in them. I think it's the quality of the tropical mangoes. I'll definitely send Karen a batch when I get my next batch. :)

Rita Ho said...

That is good to know, Kath. Thank you! I didn't know of the Orang Asli influence and there's no mention on the Boh website. One would have thought it is a nice historical fact, hor?

Rita Ho said...

Eh, Pi ... that was their first ad, before my time-lah. Hahaha! Actually, more like we were poor and didn't have TV yet.

They should bring it back since it was such a popular campaign.

Rita Ho said...

Definitely, Louis! I usually add a slice of lemon to my Earl Grey in the past. :)

No need to keep your Boh for us as my mom is coming in Sept. I'll ask her to bring some for us. Do you like Chinese tea? I have tons of it and the special miniature tea sets to brew it. :)

Co-incidentally, I caught a documentary on the art of tasting tea on Science Channel last evening. It showed a clip of tea harvesting and processing in the Boh plantations. They are the largest producer of quality tea leaves in the world. I didn't know that!

Salt N Turmeric said...

That is so nice of Pak Idrus and Aunty Asmah.
Im not a tea drinker either although I love teh tarik or teh peng. The cheaper the tea the better kan to make teh tarik? lol.

Rita Ho said...

Yes, Farina, they are a warm and wonderful couple.

Is that why teh tarik tastes SO good, cheap tea leaves?? LOL! They showed a clip of a teh tarik-ing in the documentary. Always fun to watch.

Bento Pet said...

Dropping by to say hi! Been a long time and I've got a lot of reading to catch up on!

Read the Malay Mail article on your blog - keep the Malaysian flag flying high, sadly not enough people are doing that!

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

AGree with u Rita, its hard to get BOH tea outside of malaysia! I havent taste boh tea for 2 years now!I think i shall try and get it online. I drink alot of english tea but like u say, nothing comes close to the 'real' thing heheheh enjoy your cuppa...

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Aunty Rita,

Oooh...Who'se Dave, the Boh guy? How come I don't seem to remember him at all? ;(

Haha...Glad you're enjoying your tea anyhow...Catch you around!

Rita Ho said...

Hi Bento Pet! Thank you for coming by. At least you have been blogging regular. As you can see, my blog is down to a greetings board. :(

Have a great week!

Rita Ho said...

Mush ... According to the documentary I watched, most English tea manufacturers use quality leaves from all over the world and Malaysia is major supplier. The Boh plantations was featured so I'd bet that you have been consuming Boh tea indirectly. :)

Rita Ho said...

Daph! Dave's commercials were way before your time, maybe even before you were born. I think he is around my age. :)

I have to try harder at catching you in March. My timing has been all over the place lately. I'm very glad to see that you have settled in and are enjoying Canada.

Talk soon.